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The IFRC Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Project

The IFRC Society PPE Project was established to provide proper PPE exclusively for CSIL and CLBC Employers at an affordable price.

This site was created by The IFRC Society in association with GEORIS.

The IFRC and GEORIS have sourced medical grade PPE from Canadian providers and have worked to compare pricing to the Provincial Government PPE Supply channel. We charge just enough to cover our labour costs.

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The IFRC PPE Project

The IFRC Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Project’s first mandate was to learn about what PPE a CSIL or CLBC Employer needed to stay heathy and minimize possible exposure to COVID -19  The second mandate was to source that appropriate PPE and deliver it to those employers at an affordable price.

To accomplish our first mandate we received guidance from the Provincial Health Office, SafecareBC, WorksafeBC and other experts in the field.

To stay safe, the first takeaway is:

1. Caregiver/Assistant should wear a mask at all times.

2.  When a Caregiver/Assistant is working close to you and can not maintain physical distancing, they must be wearing a Medical Grade Mask cerified for that purpose.

3. If the Caregiver is able to maintain physical distancing, then they can wear a Non-Medical Mask

4.  Other options include wearing a Face Shield can provide additional protection for short periods of time.

To accomplish the second mandate we sourced many suppliers across Canada.  As a result we have purchased stock of the medical grade PPE you required. 

The store has been set up to provide a secure and simple place for Employers to purchase the products they need. 

Never be shy, ask if there is something else you need. .

For detailed information on the Medical Standards read the UNDERSTANDING PPE section below

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  • Stay Safe

  • Choose the correct Mask for the job
  • Protection

  • Face Shields are an option
  • Keep it over the nose

  • the KN-95 Masks stay in place
  • Medical grade

  • When close, Use Medical grade Masks

Stay Safe

Choose the correct Mask for the job


Face Shields are an option

Keep it over the nose

the KN-95 Masks stay in place

Medical grade

When close, Use Medical grade Masks

Understanding PPE

WorkSafe BC Mask Requirement in a Health Care setting

- Medical Masks (also known as procedure or surgical masks) are used by healthcare workers for direct patient care where physical distancing can't be maintained.

- May be used in other jobs where there's a risk of exposure to blood or bodily fluids.

- When worn properly, can protect the wearer and others around them against droplets.

- Are single use items that are not designed to be cleaned or reused.

- There is a variety of certified medical mask types, some of which may be difficult to source because of supply limitations.

Worksafe BC Mask Link

Medical Masks

Medical Masks block and protect BOTH the person wearing the mask and those around them from COVID-19. It is recommended that they be used when people are in close proximity, such as assisting with Personal Care.

In Canada, medical masks must meet the Standards established by Health Canada. It is required that medical masks meet or exceed the ASTM F2100-19 Standard (The Specification for the Performance of Materials Used in Medical Face Masks). 

The Specifications provide for 3 levels of protection. The higher the level, the higher the fluid resistance the mask has.  All levels of medical masks offer high filtration rates however, the levels assist us in selecting the correct mask for the specific need.

For more comprehensive information on ASTM for masks see Primed, one of our suppliers, at

For an even more granular detail on the ASTM Standards as it relates to COVID-19 and Medical PPE go to

What kind of mask should I be using?

Bonnie Henry and the BC CDC have continuously informed us of how the COVID-19 spreads and how we can best protect ourselves against it. The primary way we can protect ourselves is by social distancing. If having a physical distance between you and others is not possible, then a face covering is recommended.

These recommendations work just fine in environments where everyone is able to wear a mask. You keep your droplets and I'll keep mine. 

However, this does not work so well in the care model since often you can not be 6 feet apart.

If your assistant is NOT close, they can be wear a non-medical mask. If they need to move close to you from time to time, adding a face shield may be the answer. 

When they are working close to you then its time to use a Level 1 with a Face Shield or a Level 3 Mask.  This will work to eliminate any droplets from getting to you. 

Further Considerations...

Wearing a mask restricts air flow.  Working a long shift may make wearing a mask more unpleasant. 

Generally simple and well-fitting non-medical masks can have better airflow.  If you are using an actual medical mask, a level 1 mask may work better than a level 3.


We need your help...

Please contact us if you have any suggestions or questions. 

We need your feedback for Products you need and cannot get. 

We need your help to write your best practice for Keeping Safe and using PPE

We need to know what is working and what we need to change to ensure we are meeting your needs.

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